“Dude, I can see your bra. Wait, is that my bra?”

Fun fact: I live in Hoboken right now and have to take the PATH train into Manhattan in order to do anything more exciting or enjoyable than going grocery shopping. The fashion, if you could condescend to call it that, on the PATH trains is usually terrifically boring and involves a lot of polo shirts and Vera Bradley bags. Enter these two sisters, arguing in German, who plop themselves on the seats across from me. The similarities in their outfits were striking–both had on black leggings and a sheer-ish top, and the same floppy strawberry-blonde bangs brushing their eyebrows. I would like to thank them for the impressive and ironic feat of managing to break up the homogeneity of my commute by creating their own little bubble of similarity in the middle of it.

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