Summer in New York is always a bustling time, filled with outdoor markets, music festivals and art exhibitions around every corner. It’s been no less busy at the Untapped HQ; we started working on Untapped full-time in June, and although it’s only been two months, it feels like we’ve come a long way since summer began. When fall arrives, we’ll be relaunching the website and organizing a charity launch party, among other plans we have up our sleeves.

As an intern here for the summer, it’s been rewarding to gain an insight into how an online magazine startup works on a day to day basis. There’s so much more to running Untapped than merely creating and publishing content. Although the team is small, we’ve managed to cover most of the areas through sheer hard work and a tremendous amount of passion for what Untapped stands for.

Today is my last day at the HQ before I leave to go back to school in Boston. Born and raised in Singapore, I’m thankful for the chance to explore New York, not simply as a tourist, but someone with an attachment to the little treasures this city has offered me. This might be the end of my internship, but it’s only the beginning of my relationship with New York. And as with meaningful relationships with those you love, I know with certainty that I’ll be back.

Charmaine Poh, Untapped New York 2012 Summer Intern