You may know of Luke Shepard from his eye catching timelapse video, Le Flâneur, that went viral last year. You also may know him and his style from his amazing project for Nikon One. The exciting news is that this year he’s got something else up his sleeve: a project revealing the beauty of urban structures across Europe while the populations are fast asleep dreaming and the stars are flickering in the night sky; this project is called  NIGHTVISION, and he is giving the public the chance to get involved via his Kickstarter page.

Luke is a student at the American University of Paris, and as a professional flâneur with an impeccable eye, he has developed his own mobile form of time-lapse  photography; by taking the process of time-lapse literally step-by-step, he showcases nocturnally lit monuments, buildings and landmarks in an aesthetic and unexpected way. For the NIGHTVISION project, Luke observed that the greater contrast of the night sky against the lit monuments within a city allows us to focus more on the details of the architecture, while also affording us a glimpse of the city free from the disruptions of daily life.

Having perfected his trademark technique, Luke can now share with the world what he sees, is inspired by  and is amazed by during his habitual late-night strolls in the city of lights.

His new project, NIGHTVISION, is the first of its kind. For this short film, Luke plans to create a video sequence more intense than ever before, featuring monuments, buildings and landmarks all across Europe. Now all he needs is help with funding such an amazingly aesthetic adventure that will allow us all to witness pure urban beauty through his lens.

To read more about the project and find out how you can support it, you can check the NIGHTVISION Kickstarter page as well as the NIGHTVISION Facebook page. Luke is ready to embark on an amazing journey, so let’s help him out by backing NIGHTVISION. Every donation and share counts, and will help him to be one step closer to executing the video he’s dreamed of creating, with a method and technique he has come to perfect over time.

Photos courtesy of Luke Shepard.

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