If you have yet to meet the three hard-working women otherwise known in the design world as Egg Collective, you might not know that the elegant, inspired furniture that they  have created since opening their wood shop in Brooklyn last year has earned them national recognition from such acclaimed publications as Dwell.com, the Chicago Tribune, and The Wall Street Journal. In fact, the trio of young designers, Crystal Ellis, Stephanie Beamer, and Hillary Petrie, were named 2012’s Best New Designers by the renowned judges at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.

And now, they’ve been given the chance of a lifetime–the New York City Ballet has asked Egg Collective to design the new seating area in the promenade of the illustrious David H. Koch Theater in New York’s beloved Lincoln Center. However, the project is not funded.

In their Kickstarter video, the three friends explain their design concept for the project:

“We are not getting paid for this project–materials or labor,” the girls explain on their Kickstarter page. “We decided to do it because we love design, we love New York City, and we think that the Lincoln Center is an amazing and inspiring place.”

The talented team of designers only have a week an a half to raise enough money to cover the costs of the project, in which they have already invested a significant amount of time and money. Please help these amazing women accomplish their goal by contributing to their project, here.

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