If you’re planning on coming to Harlem for the Harlem ArtWalk during Open House New York in October, you’ll need a place to eat – and believe me, Harlem has no shortage of fabulous and fun restaurants.  This week I thought I’d share some of my favorites both in architecture and culinary delight.

You can’t mention Harlem without thinking Soul Food and the famous Sylvia’s comes to mind.  Well, Melba of Melba’s Restaurant is Sylvia’s Niece and every bit our Queen of Soul Food.  Located on the corner of 114th Street, Melba’s occupies one of the coveted spots on the very hot Frederick Douglass Blvd. with all of its newly constructed condos and restaurants that include everything from Soul Food to Sushi.

Head over to Lenox Avenue and feast your eyes on the block of buildings from 119th Street all the way up to 126th Street.  These are some of my favorite streetscapes.

This is the historic district known as the Mount Morris Park area.  Many of the stately buildings with their wide sidewalks have restaurants on the ground floor with plenty of outdoor seating. Ristorante Settepani on 120th Street occupies one of my favorite streetscapes in Harlem.

So many restaurants….so little space.  Next week, your guide to the Harlem ArtWalk during Open House New York or get a sneak peek at the Harlem ArtWalk map at The Casa Frela Gallery website.

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