The smell of tater tots in the air. An intense game of four square. It’s fall…this must mean it’s back to school. But wait-it’s Saturday night. There’s something different happening in this school yard. This school isn’t quite a school anymore. 233 Mott Street, otherwise known as The Old School, was New York City’s first parochial school, associated with Saint Patrick’s Old Cathedral. After the last classes were held here, the school traded school books for party looks. Now a venue for art exhibitions and launch parties, The Old School returned to its roots on October 7.

In their own way, hip glasses purveyor Warby Parker sought to bring the students back to The Old School, with the launch party for their collaboration with education focused not-for-profit Pencils of Promise. With frames in traditional pencil hues of black and marigold, Warby Parker advocates for Pencils of Promise’s mission to bring education to all. For each pair of sunglasses sold, Warby Parker will donate $30 of the $95 purchase price directly to Pencils of Promise to support their initiative to open their 100th school by the end of 2012.

The launch party for the Pencils of Promise sunglasses encouraged its attendees to act like kids, using the details from The Old School’s past to bring the event to life. The old four square court was reanimated, games of connect four were waged on the picnic tables in the courtyard, and guests smiled like schoolchildren for yearbook pictures in the photo booth. The spirited response to the Warby Parker x Pencils of Promise glasses almost made it feel that there could be children clogging the halls of The Old School, eagerly running to class.

While the pencil inspired frames were in attendance at the launch party, they will be available exclusively online. Launching on October 9th, these frames are limited edition. Only 500 pairs were made, and once they’re gone, they’re gone! Don’t be tardy!