Most people seem to lament the advent of fall and the sudden disappearance of bright colors from shop windows, but I always look forward to it. In a sea of people swathed in black and neutral tones, it’s much easier to pick out the people who are making an effort to make themselves noticeable.

Deliberately choosing something flashy when you’re aware of the visual impact it’s going to make takes guts and a certain kind of personality. However, I have a more minimal personal style (mostly in black due to never really outgrowing my goth phase) and usually find it more interesting to wait for something more subtle to catch my eye–a bright scarf peeking out under a collar, colorful frames for glasses, or a striking pair of shoes livening up an otherwise restrained outfit.  I realize that most of my Art of Style subjects are scouted on the subway, but it really is the perfect place to get a more in-depth look at people. They can’t run away, for one thing.

This dapper fellow was sitting across from me on the downtown 1 train around Houston Street this week. Matching your tie to your socks is pure class, especially if you’re also wearing a tailored three-piece suit in tweed. I couldn’t get a good look at what he was reading, but I hope it matched the suit.

Million-dollar pout

This guy was sulking a few yards away from me the other day while waiting for the F train at Delancey. His pout was so exaggerated and cartoonish that it made him look like a sullen little boy wearing his older brother’s sweater. In his defense, I was pretty upset, too–kingdoms fell, cities perished, and new species of subway rats evolved in the amount of time it took for the damn train to arrive.

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