Last week, Untapped brought you news about bands to watch out for  from the first half of the CMJ Music Marathon, including METZ, the Guards and the Dum Dum Girls. Now we’re showing you highlights from the second half.

Deap Vally at The Bowery Ballroom

Los Angeles duo, Deap Vally played an energetic blues rock set at a tightly packed Bowery Ballroom on Thursday night. Despite portraying a devil may care attitude, Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards are great at following a very important rule for rock duos, that is, be loud and be fearless. They pummeled the room with an eighteen-wheeler guitar sound and tasteful drumming.

The Antlers at CMJ Union

On Friday afternoon, New York City band The Antlers played at the CMJ Union venue as part of a live broadcast series by KEXP. The venue, located on Union Square, was an activity center for the marathon. The band’s spacey and atmospheric music had the audience entranced and meditatively absorbing as the four piece group laid layers of sound and rhythm and carefully developed into full landscapes.

Black Taxi at The Mercury Lounge

Black Taxi‘s performance at the Lower East Side’s Mercury Lounge on Saturday night highlighted CMJ’s closing night. The room was packed to the doors with vibrant and committed fans delighted to see the New York City four-piece band play their dance infused rock. Their set was a thriller, with front-man Ezra Huleatt captivating the audience as he moved around the stage and alternated between playing percussion, keyboards, trumpet and singing.

Though the Marathon is done, stay tuned for more CMJ pictures and interviews of Deap Vally and Black Taxi as their members describe the spaces where they write, practice and perform their music.

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