Pete’s Candy Store. Photo by Jackie Spear.

I caught up on Saturday night with Piney Gir at her record label’s showcase at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn. As part of the open Highline Record Showcase, I was able to sample some of the other label’s bands that evening in conjunction with the   CMJ 2012 Music Festival.

The venue, located on Lorimer Street and Richardson, is appealing to the locals as it is a relaxed and intimate neighborhood spot. To a visitor, the Beatles blaring from the speakers, the enclosed back patio strung with large bulb cafe lights, and well priced beers; were enough to draw me in and keep me there for the next few hours.

Angela (known as Piney Gir), was working at the merchandise booth when I walked in. Just as endearing and down to earth as she was to speak with on the phone, she was just as welcoming in person. We discussed her show at Sarah Lawrence College, her upcoming shows in California, and the exploring she had been up to in New York City since we had spoken. She and I also caught up with Nick Loss-Eaton of the Leland Sundries. Angela said she felt right at home at Pete’s Candy store as it felt very kitsch and she likes the more quirky styling. She even decorated the stage area with streamers and distributed Halloween candy to the audience, underlining the personalized feel of the showcase.


Piney Gir and Nick of Leland Sundries. Photo by Jackie Spear.

Piney Gir’s performance was bookend by The Ralfe Band and Leland Sundries. The acoustics of the small stage really served her performance well. The sound technician was able to amplify the country-rock twang in her voice and pick up on the hint of a British accent masking her American roots. She played the guitar throughout her set and her strongest showing was her performance of “Out of Sight”. This song, to me, is the best sampling of her analogue 60s-Rock sound. It is a nod to music from bands like The Zombies and The Kinks. A recent review even likened her to Rilo Kiley, a comparison which I endorse.    She was very in sync with her band throughout the performance and actively engaged with the audience, which made it a semblance of an intimate gathering of close friends and family. “Oh Lies” and “Always Stay Sweet” were also her fans’ favorites of the evening and off her most recent album Geronimo!.

Piney Gir. Photo by Jackie Spear.

Check her out on her U.S. tour this Fall before she heads back to the U.K. You can also keep up with her on Facebook,  Twitter  and  Youtube. Check out her  official website  as well.

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