It’s been about a year since my first Grande Doodles Starbucks cup post went viral on Tumblr, and in that time I accumulated about 40 empty cups and 12 new doodles. I took inspiration from people I follow on instagram, ceramics, patterns, and a few are just me experimenting to see what would happen. My last post had 12 cups, and so does this one. Enjoy the new set of cups! Buy them as prints on Society6 or as individual cups on Etsy

#14 Petals Cup

#15 Vibrations Cup

#16 Sunburst Cup

#17 Waves Cup

#18 Rob Cup – Created in March for Rob Jelinski‘s Sketchbook Exhibition at Starbucks

#19 Spaghetti Cup

#20 Turtle Cup

#21 Lauren Cup – Inspired by Instagram user: @lauren_salgado

#22 Sweater Cup

#23 Jessica Cup – Inspired by Instagram user: @brownpaperbunny

#24 Reflections Cup

#25 Peacock Cup – Inspired by an iPhone case I drew for a friend

Buy the new designs as prints on  Society6  or as individual cups on  Etsy.  Get in touch with the Downtown Doodler on  Twitter  and  Facebook. Check out more from the  Downtown Doodler on Untapped.

Have a great week!