You say Rolls, I say Royce


Autumn hasn’t managed to fully sink its claws into the tough, unwashed flesh of New York quite yet. Last week boasted sun and temperatures in the mid-seventies, and while out and about I saw quite a few people taking  advantage of the lingering summer weather. The forecast said “breezy and beautiful”–what? Should we be expecting the weather to be CoverGirl’s next model?

On one of those gorgeous days last week, I was sitting in Washington Square Park being a total creep and shamelessly people-watching without even pretending to read the book open on my lap. (Not that my reading material would have tempered the creeper image at all–it was  Lolita.) This adorable human coasted across my field of vision on her cute vintage-looking bike and then effortlessly dismounted by swinging one of her legs in front of the seat, balancing one-legged on one of the pedals for a few more meters, and then gracefully launching herself off while leading her bike directly into a bike rack. It was really cinematic to watch, and all the more striking because of how lovely her outfit was. All that red lace spilling down the crisp white of her shirt kind of made her look like an assassin making a getaway after taking care of a messy assignment.

Well, you never know.
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