The wind is picking up, the rain is starting to fall, and you are looking for Sandy updates. Well, look no further.  Styleblaster, the hipster-surveillance-meets-street —style-blog, has got you covered. Watch as the sneakers and sweaters of yesterday change into the pink parkas and rubber boots of today.

Styleblaster, like the rest of us on the eastern seaboard, is really getting into the spirit of all things Sandy. They changed the name of the blog to Stormblaster and encourage their readers to vote on the most stylish hurricaners by awarding them a “yellow rain hat.” The background of the blog even shows the NYC evacuation map, which thankfully spares the  Styleblaster headquarters.

While  Styleblaster  might have started as a style blog, this storm definitely highlights its value as an information source. It provides to-the-moment, highly localized data, which can be universally accessed. But let’s be real, what is it going to tell us that’s more important than fashion?

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