Wyatt Gallery is an award-winning documentary photographer and recipient of the Fulbright Fellowship, the PDN 30, and numerous other awards and grants. Wyatt’s photographs are in major collections such as the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and American Express. Wyatt’s first book “Tent Life: Haiti” was published with Umbrage Editions. He has been out on the streets documenting the damage done by Hurricane Sandy, meeting people who lost their homes and the volunteers who are pulling the City back together.

American Flag hangs on a tree in Rockaway point, Queens NYC. Hurricane Sandy caused flood waters to rush through this area damaging everything in its path. This neighborhood lost 52 people at the World Trade Center on 9/11 and the flags were installed in their memory.

Beachside home destroyed in Belle Harbor, Rockaway, Queens NYC. Oct 31 2012. Every home I saw on the beach was missing its entire beachside wall of the house. 

Joe was crying while telling me “We need help! Please help us. Tell them we need help.” Belle Harbor, Rockaway NY. Nov 1, 2012.

Next to Joe, stood this beachside home that lost its outer wall to Hurricane Sandy. This community is really resilient but really needs help. Belle Harbor, Rockaway NY. Nov 1, 2012.

Michael showed us the two homes he grew up in that burnt down during Storm Sandy. Belle Harbor, Rockaway NY. Nov 1, 2102.

Michael saved 6 people from the burning homes by tying together extension cords and string to create a line across the street so they did not get swept away by the raging ocean water flowing down the street. Belle Harbor, Rockaway. NYC Nov 1, 2012.

Second floor door in what was a fabulous home in Belle Harbor. All residents were safe and neighbors all consider themselves lucky to be alive.

Empire State Building shines over lower Manhattan, still without electricity. 1:00am Nov 2, 2012.

Patio table. Belle Harbor beach. Queens, NY. Nov 2, 2012.

Second floor bar, destroyed beach home in Belle Harbor. The situation is bad out there. I’m not sure how to help, but lets all see what we can do.

One of numerous homes and cars that have been completely destroyed in Hurricane Sandy. Belle Harbor, Rockaway. NYC. Nov 1, 2012.

Coast Guard Helicopter landing at West Side Highway Heliport. Nov 2, 2012 NYC.

Passing the Statue of Liberty with ominous clouds above as I arrive in Staten Island by Ferry.

John B. Caddell tanker beached in Staten Island.

Carmen waited for 7.5 hours in Staten Island to fill up these tanks. She said she needs the gas to get to work. Staten Island, NYC. Nov 2, 2012.

Brian, Erika, and Chris were part of the many people who came on a bus from the MoMa to volunteer in Rockaway Beach today. Organized by the Rockaway Surf club, They showed up and asked “where can we help?” This photo is taken in front of my friend Sarah’s house. The boardwalk ended up down their block. Everyone’s damaged belongings have been thrown out in piles on the sand covered street.

My friend Sarah’s block in Rockaway Beach, NY. Today we cleared out her finished basement. November 2, 2012.

Remnants of the Rockaway Beach Boardwalk and American Flag. The boardwalk is now blocks away and in people’s homes.

91st Street in Rockaway Beach. The boardwalk was destroyed and swept down every street perpendicular with the beach. Here it landed on a Mini.

Chris Romulo, a North American Muay Thai Champion & owner of Crom Martial Training in Rockaway Beach, lost the entire gym and all its equipment, plus his home. He’s going to need help getting the gym up and running again.

Fight. Muay Thai photos and Map of New York City showing the remnants of the 6ft high water line. Crom Martial Training, Rockaway Beach.

The Fleming family decided to drive around Staten Island giving out free coffee. Even that one cup of hot coffee made a big difference to people. New Yorkers are really getting on board these days by volunteering in the disaster areas. It’s a beautiful uplifting thing.

CNN was in the scene today in Rockaway beach, along with NY1 News and Inside Edition.

Two Rockaway residents take a break from shoveling sand out of their house to have a beer and watch the sunset on the boardwalk that was relocated to the home adjacent to theirs.

Check out these websites for information about volunteering to help the communities affected by Hurricane Sandy:

Get in touch with the photographer at @wyattgallery  and check out his website.

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  1. I have a question for you Wyatt Gallery. What is that in the clouds over the Statue of Liberty? It looks like a UFO. ??

    • Right I thought so too, but these are actually lightnings that happened to look circular

  2. Joe is my brother and he is Special. It really choked me up to see this poignant picture of him crying and pleading for help on November, 1. His prayer was answered; so many wonderful people came out to Rockaway to help us. God Bless You All. Thank you Wyatt Gallery for capturing the raw, genuine emotion of my brother, Joe; you gave him a voice. You know, he kept telling me that he asked for help and when people came, he believed it was because of his plea to you. I do to!!! Good life to you!

  3. Valerie_NYC Reply

    Amazing photo essay. So beautiful and, at the same time, so sad. Very touching, indeed. Thank you for going out there and humanizing what we see in the news,

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