Wallace & Co.  is a lovely cafe owned by Gregg Wallace  – & Co. – (you may know him from ‘Master Chef‘) in Putney. A friend of mine used to live around the corner and it is absolutely one of my favourite places to go for breakfast / brunch in London. This past weekend I happened to be in the area and couldn’t miss a chance to stop by for a drink with friends. Between us we had coffee, tea and a smoothie (I also had a cheeky chocolate croissant) and they were delicious!

You can read all about Wallace & Co. on their website, as well as flick through their menus. They are an ‘All Day Cafe’ serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and takeaways. Perfect for brunches with friends or to pick up lunch ‘to go’ for later.  You can also pick up copies of Gregg’s cookery books and lovely Wallace & Co. tote bags. Perfect.

Now, I have only been a handful of times (trying something different every time I go!), but on one of these occasions we did see the man himself – Gregg Wallace – having breakfast with a friend! We were a tad star-struck to be sitting in the booth next to him and it definitely made our day.

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