A Few Parisians Marche de Passy David Cessac Untapped Paris

At Parisian markets, such as Le Marché de Passy in the sixteenth arrondissement, you can sometimes cross the path of grannies —or « mamies » in French »- who look a bit like the Thinker by Rodin. In deep meditation, they certainly think of their menu of the day, before the stall of their favorite butcher, unless they are concerned about the future of the eurozone. But this is less likely.

Faithful companion of their gastronomic wanderings, a small trolley with two wheels follows them everywhere. Nothing is more Parisian in my eyes, or even French, than this strange tool from which one often sees a few leek leaves showing. But, and this is the mystery of Parisian fashion, this so kitsch and “ringard” truck is now used by more and more Parisians of all ages. A small victory for senior citizens… But these useful plastic canvas caddies will always and irremediably remain ugly!

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