Dr Zizmor Parody Subway Ad Dr Armond Comedy Central-001
Dr. Zizmor Parody Ad

Untapped Cities writer Benjamin Waldman snapped these photos of a parody Dr. Zizmor ad in the New York subway today on the E train. A quick check of the website puppylift.com reveals the source: Dr. Armond aka Nick Kroll on Comedy Central! The famous, long-running ad is recreated–font, colors and layout. But tag line is now “Is your dog a total dog?” and in place of Dr. Zizmor is Dr. Armond with a golden retriever licking his face. The before and after photos show a bull dog transformed into a Jack Russell terrier. In place of the success quote from Dr. Zizmor is Armond’s supposed quote:

“You wouldn’t buy an ugly sofa; you wouldn’t talk to an ugly person. I only hire very attractive people and my third wife is one of the  most beautiful women I know.”

Dr Zizmor Parody Subway Ad Drmond Comedy Central-002 Puppy LIft Ad
Puppy Lift

Dr Zizmor Parody Subway Ad Drmond Comedy Central
Here is a look at the original Dr. Zizmor ad to refresh your memory:

Here’s another parody ad from Nick Kroll we spotted in the NYC subway. Get in touch with the author @untappedmich.