The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam has recently been re-opened and has earned itself a nickname already!  In Amsterdam it is known as ‘De Badkuip’ which translates as ‘The Bathtub’ and I think you can see why!  Part ‘lovely Old Amsterdam building’ and part ‘modern sculptural building’, the shape and colour of this modern addition really makes it stand out.  It’s got to be said, the Stedelijk Museum really does look like a bathtub – especially from the side.

The museum inside has a very nice floor plan and spaces.  Windows are covered with a thin canvas to avoid light damage but this lets in just the right amount of daylight.  Collections of furniture & homewares through the ages, paintings, sculptures and video art can be found inside.  It’s a great mix.  When I visited, there was an exhibition on by Mike Kelley. This space is where exhibitions will come and go depending on the Stedelijk Museum’s schedule.  However, it is all included in the one ticket price of €17.50 (for an adult) – a little pricey you might think?  I took plenty of time walking around, taking it all in and made time to stop for a drink in the cafe.  The shop is also very good, which you can enter without visiting the Museum.  It’s a lovely morning or afternoon out. The Stedelijk Museum is situated in Museum Plein, where there is a great space outside for walking when the weather is fine, as well as cafes and plenty of other museums such as The Van Gogh Museum and The Rijks Museum.

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