Our Brooklyn Bike Diary begins where Java Street meets the East River. Photograph by Nick Shepard

There is nothing quite like seeing New York City by bike. While speeding cars, potholes, and texting pedestrians seem to provide an insurmountable obstacle to a two-wheel world, it remains one of the most exhilarating ways to explore the city. As David Byrne explains in his book Bicycle Diaries, ” This point of view [from a bike]- faster than a walk, slower than a train, often slightly higher than a person- became my panoramic window on much of the world over the last thirty years- and it still is. It’s a big window and it looks out on a mainly urban landscape.” This is our interpretation of a Brooklyn Bike Diary.

In this photoshoot we sought to capture some of the joie de vivre of exploring Brooklyn by bike, with a touch of vintage nostalgia. We journey from the East River in Greenpoint, down Franklin Avenue, and south to Grand Army Plaza. While cycling might not be the most orthodox of transports, it is certainly the most stylish.

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Photographed by Nick Shepard
Styled by Annie Shepard and David Ban
Modeled by David Ban

An Empire State of Mind. Photograph by Nick Shepard
Brief pause on Franklin Avenue. Photograph by Nick Shepard
Hey guys, look, it’s the Bailey Fountain! Photograph by Nick Shepard
The Solider’s and Sailor’s Arch at Grand Army Plaza. Photograph by Nick Shepard