Downtown Doodler_PARIS_Landmarks_660

I’ve drawn a few landmark compilations for Untapped Cities over the past year or so. The first step is choosing buildings that will honor the cities I am trying to represent, in this case the major Paris landmarks. Then, it’s time to draw! Drawing is the fun part, but it’s not as easy as it looks. Of course you want to include every beam, shingle and intricate carving, but there is only so much you can include before the compilation becomes overwhelming. The key is to keep the details that best capture the essence of the building.

Then when you’ve finished all buildings for the composition it’s time to scan, touch-up and compile. I usually draw a few more buildings than I’ll need, just so I have options when I’m working on the layout. The goal is to make sure each building shines on its own without garnering too much attention.

Doing the city landmark compositions is very enjoyable. Each step is a puzzle to figure out; it isn’t easy, but the end result makes it worth it!

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