The art of people-watching in New York City is a multi-faceted activity. It’s not just voyeurism-it’s anthropology, inspiration, and entertainment all in one creepy activity. Once one has been practicing the art for a while and has acclimated to the sheer amount of human-centered weirdness going on at all times, one begins to ponder the deeper mysteries of human existence and adaptability. For example, how do different fashion-centered subcultures deal with harsh weather conditions? For the style-conscious, it’s important to maintain a specific look no matter what temperature it is or what kind of horrible precipitation is dripping from the sky. Some seem to adapt better than others (Goths in Hot Weather, anyone?), but some must hibernate or migrate south in the winter because I’ve never seen a raver in a parka.

What happens to grungy punk dudes when it’s too chilly for ripped-up denim vests and threadbare Black Flag shirts? They put on fur hats and oversized military coats, that’s what. Punks are a practical breed-there are way more interesting methods of rebellion and self-destruction than giving yourself frostbite from inappropriate winterwear. Bundle up and rock out with some angry protest songs, dude. I bet he likes Gogol Bordello-Eugene Hütz would dig those studded winklepicker boots. Facial piercings are no fun in the winter, but if you’re the kind of person who likes listening to Wire you can probably handle a frozen septum in the name of nonconformity. Suffer for fashion, but not too much.

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