Untapped Cities - (Art)chitecture by Charlotte Vallance - Urban Renewal


In urban renewal, gorgeous old buildings are sometimes re-used with a modern twist. This particular McDonald’s is on the North Circular (on the way into London) and does indeed have a drive-in, but it looks so out of place in this eye-catching, attractive building next to an IKEA and small rows of houses. Really hard to miss!

I was recently asked my favourite building. My conclusion was that I don’t have a favourite in particular, more a type. This is it: old buildings which are used with a modern twist. Whether that urban renewal twist is that a modern company has made use of it (as in this case), or if a modern extension has been given to it (The British Museum in London, or The Westin in Sydney, for examples) – it doesn’t matter; it’s being able to still appreciate these amazing buildings without feeling sorry for them.

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 (Art)chitecture by Charlotte Vallance, McDonald’s

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