This is a round-up of our favorite links this week curated by the Untapped Cities’ staff includes a behind-the-scenes look at how street signs in NYC are made and a video game depiction of walking to work through the crowds in New York.


There are more than 2 million street signs in all of New York City. This video documents how each sign is carefully created. [Gizmodo]

This special 3-D assignment of the design of small apartment will give previous attempts at the projects a run for their money. [New York Times]

Walking to work in New York City – the game. [Gawker]


The Culture-ist caught up with our fellow Untapped Cities’ partner, A Girl’s Guide to Paris, for an au courant guide to Paris. [The Culture-ist]


In Tokyo, companies are growing gardens in the walls, ceilings and hallways of office buildings. [Culture-ist]

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