Following on from my Urban Renewal post, this illustration is fully dedicated to The British Museum.  It’s such an amazing building, and looking back through photos I have from various trips to the Museum, I can safely say, it appears to change colour depending on the weather!  I’ve illustrated it here as quite a sandy brick but in some lights it’s a pale grey.

The collections that you’ll find inside are mostly quite educational and classic. Not only are you welcomed by this amazing building, surrounded by massive pillars with plenty of space to walk around and enjoy it from all angles, but once you walk through the doors and the initial foyer, the whole building opens up.  In the middle is a courtyard area with a central building within this space.  The ceiling that joins this middle building to the outer is glass and has a great, almost spiraling effect in it.  I’ve had the pleasure of only going when it’s sunny, which really brightens up the space but I can imagine that if it’s stormy outside it can get quite dramatic in there!

In this amazing courtyard space you’ll find a canteen-style cafe, perfect for people watching and taking in the building with a cup of tea or coffee.

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