2. There are remnants of the Original Penn Station scattered in the station

This cast-iron partition in the waiting room is the only official remnant according to MTA spokes Sal Arena (although the MTA website acknowledges that “Fragments of the old Penn Station are hidden in the lower depths of the building that replaced it.”). This entryway was saved because it was walled off during the demolition and left untouched and forgotten for 30 years:

Penn Station_Waiting Room

On the western end of Tracks 5 and 6 is a staircase of brass and wrought iron from the original Penn Station, as reported by the New York TimesKeep your eye out for other similar railings in the station.

Penn Station_Original Handrails_New York City

In the western end of the Hilton Passageway, next to a now defunct soup shop, old glass block flooring is rumored to be from the original Penn Station. Some more are reportedly visible from the tracks as well, so don’t forget to look up! [Note that this find is less substantiated, coming mostly from online forums, but the New York Times piece does mention “glass bricks that brought natural light from the station’s skylight down to the passageways and train level” in an off-limits baggage area. This baggage area also has an original track indicator.].

Penn Station_Glass Tiles Blocks_Ceiling_Hilton Passageway

Join us for an upcoming tour of the Remnants of Penn Station:

Tour of the Remnants of Penn Station