Over 1 Million women are affected by domestic violence each year in the United States.  Untapped Cities is proud to join Crane & Canopy and Safe Horizon in the launch of their “A Safe Night’s Sleep” initiative.  Crane & Canopy, the innovative bedding brand, has partnered with the NYC-based non-profit Safe Horizon to give women currently residing in the non-profit’s domestic violence shelters new bedding as they leave the shelter program and rebuild their lives.

Along with Crane & Canopy, Untapped Cities had the opportunity to visit Lily House, one of Safe Horizon’s largest shelters in NYC, to take a tour, and meet its staff and residents.  Today, we have an exclusive interview with Fran, the director of Lily House.

Untapped Cities: The work you and your staff do at this shelter is amazing, can you explain how you help your clients heal and plan for a future free from violence?

Fran: Safety planning, safety planning and more safety planning. We are a judgment free team allowing clients to heal and be themselves.  We also offer a variety of services that include case management and counseling, enabling and building up clients to take control of their future. If we do not offer a program in-house we refer residents to other services in the community such as therapy, GED programs and tutoring support for their children.

We know that Safe Horizon offers different kinds of housing.  Can you tell us more about the various levels of services Safe Horizon offers victims of domestic violence?

We manage 7 Emergency Shelters where domestic violence survivors stay for up to 130 days.  During that period they are able to remain safe and begin the healing process.   Following this period, they may apply for entry into a Tier II Shelter.  Safe Horizon operates two, one of which is Lily House.  Tier II Shelters provide transitional housing and allow residents to move forward with their lives.  Their stay in a Tier II Shelter is a guaranteed 6 months, potentially 1 year depending on each client’s situation.

How many individuals do you work with every year?

Last year, Safe Horizon’s shelters housed 3,092 women and children facing domestic violence and abuse in New York City.

We are extremely proud to support “A Safe Night’s Sleep” Initiative.  What impact do you see Crane & Canopy’s gift making in the lives of domestic violence victims?

Crane & Canopy’s gift of a duvet cover, shams and comforter will have an INCREDIBLE impact on the lives of our residents.  Their support hastens the healing process by providing our residents with a simple necessity to create a new and safe home for themselves and their families.

Our favorite Crane & Canopy bedding set is the Minna duvet set.  We are curious, what is your favorite?

I love, love, LOVE the Sutter White duvet set!

We give Fran many thanks for taking time out of her busy day to chat with us.  To support Crane & Canopy’s “A Safe Night’s Sleep,” please visit craneandcanopy.com.  To learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities with Safe Horizon, visit safehorizon.org.