art of style brogues
Shine up my old brown shoes

There are two types of people in the world: those who consider shoes a fashion accessory, and those who see them as things to protect your feet from a sidewalk full of dirt, sharp objects, and gobs of chewed gum. Of course, the two species of shoe-wearers are not mutually exclusive. There’s a continuum between the two polarities, allowing most of us to fall somewhere in between Crocs and Louboutins.

As city-dwellers, most of us spend a lot of time walking. Practical shoes (or a high pain tolerance) are a necessity, which limits the aesthetic options for those of us who have places to go and hate blisters. This gentleman seems to have it all figured out—the leather of his caramel-colored brogues look comfortably broken-in but polished and well-cared-for. These are the shoes of someone whose sense of style is effortless and classic, emphasizing the quality and care of items over flash. They’re noticeable, but only if you bother to look down.

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