The round-up of our favorite links this week curated by the Untapped Cities’ staff includes the fate of 5Pointz in Long Island City and a park modeled after a city.


Happy 100th anniversary to the Woolworth building. Did you know this historic building includes a pool in the sub-basement? [NY Historical Society]

The fate of 5Pointz in Long Island City has been decided. Take a look at the new redevelopment plans. [Curbed]


In his series SkyArt, French artist Thomas Lamadieu is inspired by the empty spaces of sky that form between city buildings. [Good]

EuropaCity, one of the largest developments between Paris and Roissy in France, is to be modeled after a city. [Atlantic Cities]


In Mont-St.Michel, a $285 million restoration project is causing confusion and anger among locals. [NY Times]

Europe is incredibly diverse and expansive. When planning your next trip, consider incorporating one of these seven notable walks. [NY Times]

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