Stephen Powers aka ESPO’s Love Letter to Brooklyn is confusing at first sight. His expertly meticulous style of sign painting seems like a vintage advertisement on the side of Macy’s downtown Brooklyn at a glance, until you actually read the words and realize it is not. Called Love Letter to Brooklyn, the parking garage is emblazoned with text and phrases from conversations Powers and his crew had with local residents.

The project involved the Brooklyn community, using feedback and input to help shape how project would look. The result is a sonnet for Brooklyn, a sort of cleaned up version of graffiti, larger than life.

ESPO initially made the incredible Love Letter to Philadelphia project, where he painted abandoned buildings along the elevated train in West Philadelphia. Read more about the skybridges of New York City.

What: Love Letter to Brooklyn

Who: Steve Powers aka ESPO

Where: Macy’s Garage, 422 Fulton St, Brooklyn

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