Untapped Cities writer, Sheila Marikar, gets the front page of The New York Times Style Section writing about a new sort of business lunch: full-on dance parties in night clubs like Marquee and Le Bain at The Standard. “Lunch Break” is sponsored by Flavorpill and Absolut Vodka, while alternatives include “Lunch Rocks” and “Lunch Beat.”  According to Sheila, “Introduced last summer, it is the most raucous of a group of lunch-hour dance parties starting up in New York City and around the world. The goal: get the screen-addicted masses to move and groove, often with the lubrication of alcohol. But don’t get drunk: this is not the three-martini lunch of yore (or lore), ending with secretaries being chased around a desk. And please, leave the business cards at the office.”

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