Never Built LA Preview Party Untapped Cities

Never Built: Los Angeles,” an upcoming exhibit at the Architecture and Design Museum, will explore the “what if” of the city of LA through a compendium of spectacular projects—museums, parks, transportation, buildings and more—that never made it past the drawing board. The exhibit strives to tackle the question: “Why is Los Angeles a mecca for great architects, yet so lacking in urban innovation?” and will feature designs by innovators and architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright.

The curators of “Never Built: Los Angeles” invite you to celebrate the opening of their new exhibit at the Downtown LA Preview Party, held at the extroardinary Union Station Harvey House on Thursday, June 20th, at 7 p.m. Purchase tickets for the Preview Party here.

Some sneak peaks of projects featured in the upcoming show:

LA Civic Center, by Frank Lloyd Wright

Natural History Museum, Steven Holl
Natural History Museum, by Steven Holl

See more unrealized projects in our interview with the curators.