Waffle-patterned shirts for waffle-lovers

Last Sunday afternoon was bright, crisp, and gorgeous—ideal weather to set out on a quest for Belgian waffles. I’d heard tales of the Wafels & Dinges truck(s) providing delicious Euro goodness topped with a mound of whatever waffley condiment pleases you, but had never actually seen one in the flesh. (Or in the truck? In the metal-and-painted-wood? Language is weird.) My pal Katie and I took a leisurely stroll through Central Park South and spotted our quarry outside the eastern gate. The line was sizeable, proving once again that New Yorkers have top taste in street food, and we settled in to observe our fellow waffle devotees. Lots of tourists stopping for a break before heading to their next museum, but there were some interesting-looking humans in the mix.

My friend nudged me and pointed. “Did you draw those guys into existence?”

Wow. I wish I had, but I’ll settle for having drawn them at all. A pair of cheerful fellas who managed to make studded leather and a clergyman hat look summery definitely deserve a mention on the Art of Style. They got their waffles and wandered off to break hearts elsewhere, but their memory will live on in my sketchbook, as does the stain from my waffle’s speculoos topping. (Worth it.)

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