arrested development banana stand 1

Fans of the television show Arrested Development are intimately familiar with the Bluth family’s original frozen banana stand. For those New Yorkers who have (*gasp*) never seen an episode of Arrested Development, just know, the money is in the banana stand. The traveling banana stand, which turned up at Radio City yesterday, was sponsored by Netflix to promote the upcoming season of Arrested Development, which will be exclusively on Netflix starting May 26th.

1,500 free chocolate covered frozen bananas, stickers, and photos were doled out between 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM Aaround noon there were well over 100 people waiting in line to live out their Bluth-inspired fantasies. They were also handing out “Mr. Manager stickers.” But if you didn’t make it yesterday, the Banana stand will remain in NYC through Thursday. Today it will be in Columbus Circle, so make sure to get there early.

arrested development banana stand 4Your neighborhood friendly banana stand

arrested development banana stand 2Your neighborhood friendly banana man

arrested development banana stand 3The line of people continuing down 49th Street

arrested development banana stand 5Don’t worry the price list only serves to make the stand appear more realistic