Seamless_Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Stand

Last year when we visited the Seamless office, they gave us a red button in case the Untapped Cities HQ needed to urgently order food. With the company’s quirky sense of humor, we’re not surprised they have a menu to order from Bluth’s Original Banana Stand, timed with the arrival of the actual Banana Stand to NYC and LA. If you were ever curious about how much a Frozen Banana costs, it’s $10.00. They’re even updating the location of the stand daily, depending on where it is (today it’s at Yankee Stadium, it’s been at Columbus Circle and Radio City).

It’s just a joke though. You can’t actually buy anything, with a delivery minimum of $250,000. If you hover over some of the information areas, there are even more fun things to discover. There’s a Vodka Rocks and Piece of Toast Breakfast (in homage fo Lucille Bluth), some of Dr. Tobias Fünke’s drugs in the “Health Aisle” like Teomocil and Euphorazine, and “Prison’s Best Ice Cream Sandwich.”

See more on Seamless and check out the Banana Stand in NYC until tomorrow.

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