Last year’s Musical Chairs competition in Bryant Park

Remember what it felt like to be a kid playing musical chairs at your friend’s birthday party? The suspense. The drive to win. The frantic scramble for a seat when the music stopped. The annual Musical Chairs event in Bryant Park is an opportunity for adults to feel like kids again—to light their competitive fires while enjoying an evening of music and comedy on the grass. This year’s competition, on June 3rd at 7 p.m., will be hosted by comedian Sara Barron and DJ Stewey Decimal. The winner will go home with 2 Southwest Airline tickets and one of the park’s iconic green bistro chairs.

At last year’s inaugural competition, more than 400 New Yorkers came out to play, dance, mingle and cheer. Participants engaged in a Darwin-esque battle of strength, strategy, luck and ambition for over an hour until, after several rounds, the winner finally emerged. As the competition progressed, a crowd began to gather; people stood around the park, cheering, booing and busting their best dance moves. The music—a medley of ’90s hits—was a definite crowd pleaser.

Preregistration for the event is required. You must be 18 or older to participate.