A_Few_Parisians_David_Cessac_Quais_de_SeineWearing sunglasses can be a militant act. Seriously. Especially when spring is slow to set in and Paris is too cold and grey in May.

As soon as the first rays of sun come out, Parisians proudly wear their shades, as a challenge to God and to the weatherman. France is a country of rebels- never forget it, and nobody will prevent us from being in summer if we have decided so!

Sunglasses then besiege still frozen café terraces and scatter into the Métro corridors – where they’re absolutely useless. They blossom almost everywhere.

Some even flee to the banks of the Seine, to have the illusion of being at the seaside. And when they find themselves near the Pont de Grenelle, facing the Ile des Cygnes with its miniature Statue of Liberty, they can even dream that they are in New York City.

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