You arrive in the city center just as night is falling, turn the corner in a little cobblestoned street and enter an unmarked door to an underground cocktail bar. Inside, the lights are dim, the atmosphere is chic and the cocktails are the very best. As music plays, you are drawn closer to it. You follow the sounds to a hidden back room, where people are dancing in rhythm to the music.

Sound a bit like a Prohibition-era speakeasy in New York City? Yes, but this is Paris’s underground electro scene, and you’re invited. Nomade Club hosts secret electro parties that bring wild electronic, techno and house beats to the city’s most desirable locations. One night, it might be in a 1930s cocktail club, another night in an empty apartment. Events are members-only and locations are kept secret until the day before.

Nomade Club is hosting an electro cocktail party tonight in a secret location near Beaubourg. Become a member to gain access.