This shot of Tom Fruin’s water tower was submitted to us by @betsybatman.

This week’s #untappedcities Instagram “Pic” of the Week goes to this colorful shot of Tom Fruin’s Watertower, taken by @betsybatman, on display in Brooklyn Bridge Park untiL June. A big congratulations to @betsybatman! and thanks for tagging your picture #untappedcities. This capture is brilliant in so many ways. It is not every day that anything, let alone a water tower dwarfs the famed Manhattan Bridge, or East River, but this shot takes on the ask head on. Aside from this, it is hard to believe that the colors produced by Fruin’s Watertower could be rivaled, however @betsybatman does the unthinkable by framing the Watertower with the sunset over the East River. Amazingly, this contrast between the setting sun and the kaleidoscope of a water tower compliment each element in this beautiful photo. Furthermore, this shot exemplifies what Untapped Cities brings to the urban world. We recently posted a story on Tom Fruin’s Watertower and have revisited it since. Untapped aims to bring everyone the hidden gems of cities and it is wonderful to see readers such as @betsybatman tapping these hidden snap shots of city life, art, architecture, and culture for themselves. Click here to read more about Untapped’s coverage on the Watertower by Tom Fruin, and be sure to check out @betsybatman‘s gallery for more stunning city shots.

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