8. Wisteria Pergola

Olmsted and Vaux perched a Wisteria Pergola overlooking what used to be the concert grounds and The Mall. This is not a naturalistic feature of the park, but it is an example of nature and design working together. The long, latticed patio, 130 feet long by 25 feet wide, and many wooden supports are interlaced with wisteria vines that have gotten heavy and extremely thick over the years. Though the view of The Mall is now obstructed by the Bandshell, it is still a beautiful place, especially in the spring when the wisteria bloom their pale, lavender blossoms.

Where to find it: Overlooking the north end of the Central Park Mall just south of 72nd Street.

5-Rachel Fawn Alban_Untapped Cities_New York_Central Park-004

Evening Wisteria, photo by Rachel Fawn Alban

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