Coney Island, 1910s, as it looked in my great-grandparent's time.

Summer is almost here; soon it will be time for New Yorkers to get out their bathing suits and head over to Coney Island for some sunshine and corn dogs. Our favorite spots on Coney Island–the Cyclone, Nathan’s Famous hot dogs, the New York Aquarium, and more–are reopening their doors, ready to feed and entertain New Yorkers all summer long. This spring and summer, join us for a tour of the secrets of Coney Island, where we’ll learn about its past, present and future.

Tour the Secrets of Coney Island: Past, Present, Future, & Unknown

Since the mid-19th century, Coney Island has been a hub of entertainment. At that time, hotels, resorts and attractions began to crop up on the island’s beaches, and with its consortium of amusement parks, Coney Island remained the the largest amusement area in the country until the 1940s.

Get ready for summer and discover the history of Coney Island by flipping through our slideshow of vintage photos from the early 1900s, featuring Luna Park, Dreamland, Surf Avenue, the boardwalk, the “Pachyderm Promenade” of 1905 and more.

Join us for our tour of Coney Island on May 21st:

Tour the Secrets of Coney Island: Past, Present, Future, & Unknown

Photos via Library of Congress, by Detroit Publishing Company and George Grantham Bain Collection.. Share your own vintage photos by contacting us at [email protected]!