We love hearing from readers in our Untapped Mailbag, especially when they have questions like, “Where can I film a TV show with an apocalypse v. man story line?” In our answer, here’s a sampling of the spots we suggested:

Ellis Island Southside Hospitals: There isn’t much creepier than an abandoned hospital. This one has old incinerators, medicinal bottles, surgical wards and more.

Fort Totten: This Civil War fort is particularly apocalyptic for the inscriptions soldiers carved into the walls while stationed here.

Harlem Renaissance Ballroom: For an epic space where “Most of the windows are boarded up, but light finds its way through a caved-in ceiling, exposing the diaphanous remnants of a golden age—colored light bulbs still lodged in the nightclub’s chandeliers, seat numbers pinned in the balcony.” [Abandoned NYC]

Creedmoor Psychiatric Center: Once a facility for the mentally ill, Building 25 in Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens is now home to tons and tons of pigeon poop that has accumulated over the years. Fake blood adorns some of the furniture as an added bonus.

Gowanus Batcave: Harder to access these days, but if it hasn’t been gutted yet there are still remnants of belongings to former residents of this power plant.

Smallpox Castle on Roosevelt Island: For a location that has a stunning backdrop of New York City and Queens (that will need to be photoshopped to look abandoned of course), the Smallpox Castle at the beginning of the new Four Freedoms Park is appropriately masked with foliate.

Kullman Diner on the West Side Highway: You’d have to partially recreate the interior because in the last few years, vandals have laid waste to the inside, but this mini diner has a claustrophobic vibe from being wedged in on both sides by buildings.

Staten Island Farm Colony: For a more rustic look, this facility for the poor, infirm, mentally ill, and developmentally disabled, is one of many during built during the 19th century.

City Hall Subway Station: Though not “abandoned,” this beautifully preserved subway station below City Hall would make a stunning backdrop. Imagine adding cobwebs and more to the candelabras!

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