The South may be known for Civil War re-enactments, but Confederates aren’t the only ones who relive their battles. The Revolutionary War will be brought back to life on Long Island, with a model encampment by the The Order of the Ancient and Honorable Huntington Militia on June 1 at the Manor of St. George in Brookhaven, NY. The Order is a replica of the colonial militia that was established in Huntington, New York in 1653. Its members include locals of all ages who re-enact 18th-century American life, from Revolutionary War battles to daily activities such as carpentry and weaving. During the Revolution, the Manor of St. George was occupied by British soldiers and in 1780 was the site of one of the few battles to take place on Long Island. The free event on June 1st (open to adults and children) will re-stage the occupation with historic re-enactors, period trades and an open campfire.
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