San-Fernando-Valley-Los Angeles-Valley Blagh-1924
Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley map in 1924, from Valley Blahg

For fans of the Brooklyn blog, F’d in Park Slopethe founder, Erica Reitman, has transplanted herself across the country to Los Angeles and launched Valley Blahg, dedicated to showcasing unique real estate in the “Valley” through an architecture and design lens. We’re of course also fans of Erica’s dual NYC-LA mindset in general, since Untapped Cities has just arrived to LA too.

Some favorite posts so far from Valley Blahg:

VALLEY HISTORY: What Things Looked Like In 1924

Hollywood Legends Hanging Out In Their San Fernando Valley Homes

ARCHITECTURAL HISTORY: Joseph Eichler & The Balboa Highlands Tract in Granada Hills

As Erica tells us about the Valley,

There are so many unique little neighborhoods, different styles of homes, indoor/outdoor living, and different terrains like mountains, valley). But I also want to ensure that we are looking at all the interesting historical aspects of what’s going on–featuring fab architecturally significant houses, unique neighborhoods and architect profiles. I also have a hardcore love for interior design, so I’m excited to share inside scoop as I explore all the amazing LA flea markets and vintage stores.

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