While traditional news sources (New York Times, The Atlantic) and blogs (Gawker, ArchPaper) alike have all reported on Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë’s new green initiative to mow the lawn of the Municipal Archives using sheep, what we find particularly Daily What?!-like is the use of photoshop to convey this news across blogs. Apparently, the image of these adorable black sheep in the fields wasn’t quite enough, but photoshopping the sheep against the Eiffel Tower made the news sufficiently Paris-like. The sheep are actually located in a hilly area of the 19th arrondissement.

Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë launched Velib, Paris’ bicycle share program in Paris in 2001, and has been promoting eco-initiatives throughout his term. So no, there aren’t any sheep at the Eiffel Tower (yet!), but according to the adjunct mayor, there are plans to expand if it’s successful. Also fun: the New York Times reports that the sheep are a “rare, diminutive Breton breed called Ouessant, stand just about two feet high…chosen for their hardiness.”

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