There are so many apps out there that sometimes it can be a little difficult to decide which to download, and whether an app is worth the money. Every week, we’ll be spotlighting an app that we find particularly interesting or helpful and giving you the rundown on what it does and why we like it. 

Being a foodie is hard work. We’re not talking about the “I like food, therefore I’m a foodie” mentality here. We’re talking about the foodie that wrinkles their nose at chain restaurants and would never, EVER rely on an app like Yelp to help them decide where to eat. We’re talking chef-stalking, craft-beer-or-bust, gourmet-or-go-home types, the ones who call it “food science,” not “cooking,” and who are eternally on the prowl for the best comestibles on the planet.  

If you are that kind of foodie, then we have the app for you: Chefs Feed. (Really, though, if you just like food, then you’ll probably like this delicious and useful app, too).

Created by brothers Steve and Jared Rivera, this app essentially functions as a continually updated Twitter-style feed of whatever (and wherever) the participating chefs are eating. When you first download it, the app prompts you to follow your favorite chefs (or you can click choose to follow all, if you’re like us). Then, let the eating well begin! Click on a picture of a dish to see the chef’s review. If you like what you see, you can “Plan it,” and invite friends who use the app to come try the dish with you at a future date (you can also share your dining plans with your buddies via Facebook, Twitter, or email). Or you can just go ahead and make a reservation right from the app itself, via OpenTable.

And don’t worry about not being able to find the chefs you like–Chefs Feed hosts updates from over 500 renowned chefs, like Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck, and even Emeril (BAM!). It’s a great app for traveling, too, thanks to the geolocated map feature; if you aren’t familiar with a given city’s dining scene, all you have to do is open the app and ask your trusty band of professional chefs. Plus, the app is free on iTunes. What more could you ask for, really? (Other than a second serving, we suppose).

For more information about Chefs Feed, visit their website. The app is the winner of a 2003 Webby award, and was named by iTunes as one of the best apps of 2012. 

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