Lenin seems to be beckoning all those who can see him in the Lower East Side. 

Today’s Daily What?! comes from Untapped contributor Aby Sam Thomas, whose favorite obscure fact about New York City is the presence of a huge statue of Lenin on a rooftop in the East Village. In Art on the Street: Manhattan’s Outdoor Art Scene, Aby wrote:

While most of us may dismiss the notion that the statue of a communist revolutionary could exist in the bustling metropolis that is New York City, a cursory glance at the roof of the Red Square building in  the exciting and eclectic East Village neighborhood  would certainly be a surprise. Standing on the roof is an 18-foot statue of Vladimir Lenin which was built in the erstwhile Soviet Union by Yuri Gerasimov. With his arm outstretched towards the Manhattan skyline, it is quite an interesting sight as one walks around this trendy neighborhood.

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