Stephane Malka green facade Paris Untapped Cities
Paris might receive a very futuristic new restaurant soon. Designed by architect and former graffiti artist Stéphane Malka, EP7 is meant to fuse the natural with the high tech in an exciting new way. According to Malka, it is referred to as “land art,” which might be a fitting term for the type of architecture that strives to integrate the organic and the man-made. The façade combines glass and raw wooden blocks that will allow vegetation to grow and flourish on the building. It would be interesting to see how the building would morph and change as the plants grow. The design is reminiscent of Jean Nouvel’s Musée du Quai Branly, which sparked a lively polemic when it opened. Are Parisians ready for EP7? We won’t know until the winner of the competition is announced.
Stephane Malka green facade closeup Paris Untapped Cities
Malka’s floor plans show space for an exhibition gallery, restaurant and bar with a stage for concerts, and three separate terraces. The plans have not yet been approved, but if they are, it looks like Paris might get an exciting new restaurant and cultural space that could contribute to the revitalization of the 13th arrondissement.
Stephane Malka Paris restaurant Untapped Cities
All images courtesy of Stéphane Malka Architects via A/N Blog.