This week’s “pic” of the week goes to this shot by @relaxocat for this thought provoking shot.

This is a shot that was submitted to #untappedcities by an Instagramer named @relaxocat. The shot has no added filter and was taken at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Chicago. A very big genre of photography on Instagram is #reflection or #reflectionshots and @relaxocat certainly did a wonderful job in shooting a reflection in the Windy City. 
Besides the fact that it’s just a fun shot, it caught our eye, and a chuckle to go along with it, because it is a literal translation of #untappedcities. A building, or section of a building that is not open to the public is obviously untapped. And a sign with the strict words “Not Yet Open to the Public” in the middle of Chicago certainly lends credibility to the hashtag of #untappedcities. Aside from this, there is also lovely architecture and no doubt many city scenes in the background with splashes of red in the bricks of the opposite building and awesome street lamps that are also a huge genre on Instagram. A really cool picture and congratulations to @relaxocat for shooting this week’s #untappedcities Instagram “Pic” of the Week. Don’t forget to check out @relaxocat‘s gallery for more neat pictures.
You can contribute and jump in the running for the “Pic” of the Week by simply tagging your urban exploration, culture, and architecture shots on Instagram to #untappedcities. As always keep an eye on the competition by visiting the Untapped Cities Live Feed. Happy Snapping!