Leaf, on Liverpool’s Bold Street is a great cafe/venue in the city.  Having been around since 2007, it’s well established and loved by many!
Formerly a tea room in the 1920s, it’s gone full circle, from being a cinema in the late 20th century and a Microzine clothes shop, back to where it is today as a tea shop!  Not limiting themselves to just tea, in which they excel, they also host vintage markets, music and club nights.
Leaf boasts a great open space with high ceilings and comfy chairs as well as tables and benches.  A large space upstairs for events and functions, and a great overall atmosphere.  The staff on duty were great, taking our orders at the counter and then bringing them over to the table when ready.  A rather extensive choice of food is also available – including options for various food preferences or allergies.  They only stock loose leaf tea, and have a wide variety of flavours for you to choose from.
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