Photo by Stephanie Orentas via Writing On It All

Governor’s Island continues to endure massive renovations to revive the island as a resource for the residents of New York CityWriting On It All wants artists, writers and anyone else interested to write across the interior walls of a former senior officer’s house that dates back to the early 20th century, when Governor’s Island was a military base. 
Alexandra Chasin, the Writing On It All project director, wants to focus on the experiential and social as opposed to the permanence of the art. The writings will be painted over as part of the house’s renovation that begins in July.
Organized for three weekends in June, the project will encourage the public to play their part. Sessions last for 2-3 hours from June 15th-30th. Participants are free to write on the walls, pipes, furniture and floors. Chasin and Jen Bleier (project manager) are supplying paint, wax, carbon and ink as writing materials.

By using the house as a surface for writing, Writing On It All foregrounds the material nature of writing; working in a group underscores its social character.

Chasin invited graffiti artist Al Diaz as well as several poets and dance improviser Jovanina Pagano to encourage various types of writing and encourage the interplay of diverse discussions.
To participate and RSVP visit WritingOnitAll’s website for more information.