“Bryant Park at Night”

This week’s #untappedcities Instagram “Pic” of the Week goes to @kassaundra for this dazzling shot titled “Bryant Park at Night”. @kassaundra does a wonderful job capturing the life of not only Bryant Park, but also of New York City, as evidenced by the photo, the city that really never sleeps. Bryant Park, surrounded by busy streets, wandering tourists, and surefooted commuters and workforce alike, is really quite amazing in that time seems to slow down, and your noisy city hustle and bustle becomes muffled. It truly is a diamond in the rough of skyscrapers and busy bodies. Congratulations to @kassaundra and don’t forget to check out @kassaundra’s fun-filled gallery for more city shots. 
Although this is a very popular shot to take in the city, with its expansive green, rear facade of the Public Library, massive and elegant fountain, and thousands of visitors a day, it is just so intriguing that in New York City, the same picture can be taken over and over again with not one of them coming out like the previous capture. From the lights radiating from the buildings and up in the park to the figurative lighting emanating from the faces of passerbys and park goers, Bryant Park offers something for everyone not excluding keen-eyed photographers.
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